Basement Ceiling Options For Easy DIY

Basement renovation is an integral part of every house renovation plan. Basement renovation includes renovation the basement floor, ceiling, walls, windows and sometimes bathroom.

People find basement ceiling options a bit repulsive and if you are of the same opinion, then you need to do something about it. Basement remodelling contractors can show you how to turn your cold and uninteresting basement into a warm gathering place. Basement remodelling contractors can help you decide what choices may suit you needs best. Speaking purely of finances, basements cost less per square footage of your house for much less when finishing a basement. Basement renovation often requires special knowledge. For example, basement ceiling heights as often a problem because they are lower than the ceilings in the other parts of the house. They are also filled with pipes, wires and ductwork that help in sustaining life in the house. Also basement walls are prone to moisture since the walls are underground.

There are many basement ceiling options available that will help you make your ceiling space more attractive while facilitating access to mechanical fixtures and keeping it within budget.

  • Suspended Basement Ceilings

Suspended ceilings, also called drop ceiling is a popular choice. It hides all the wirings and ducts with ease and does not require a lot of manual labour or expertise. A major advantage of the dropped ceiling option is that you can effortlessly remove ceiling tiles whenever a need for electric or plumbing repair arises. But if the ceilings are already low, then a drop ceiling will further reduce the height. It can also prove to be expensive in cases. While some tile systems are cheaper than others, they are still at the upper end of the budget spectrum overall.

  • Dry Wall Ceilings

An alternate to suspended basement ceiling options is dry walled ceiling. These ceilings are cheaper than suspended ceilings. Like the drop ceiling, it can hide all of the wiring, pipes and ductwork housed in the ceiling beams. However, if you need to access anything behind it, you will have to use screws to install your drywall panels. The drywall sheets are not as heavy as suspended ceilings which make overhead installation a lot easier. A drywall ceiling is an admirable basement ceiling options given that you remember to install every section that may need to be removed with the help of screws. Using a quarter inch dry wall for ceiling makes these basement ceiling options more manageable.

  • Ceiling Mirrors

Another basement ceiling options available is to fix ceiling mirror. Installing mirrors on the ceilings intensifies the lighting inside the basement. These mirrors possess a serene and eclectic look to them. You can utilize mirrored tiles in a creative way for your basement to emerge larger than its actual dimension. This is an efficient visual illusion for smaller basements. Make certain that your ceiling is not so low to prevent fortuitously breaking up the mirrors.

  • Painting

Many a times the basement ceiling looks ugly with all the wires and ducts hanging. Painting is probably the simplest basement ceiling options. These basement ceiling options are economical and can be done without any professional help. Painting help blend in the ducts and wires in the background. The best option is using a sprayer. One of the major benefits of these basement ceiling options is that you can still have complete access to all the pipes, wires and ductwork for immediate repair.

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